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What is it?

Two players, one device and swift turnips ready for the fight. Try to hit each other while dodging at the same time in two available game modes: normal and sniper.

Dodgeling is about:
. Two players, one device.
. Tap to dodge and shoot at the same time.
. Battle anywhere, no internet needed.
. Two game modes: Normal and Sniper.
. Turnips!


I was stuck with this idea: playing together IS playing. I mean physically together -next to each other- sharing an intimate space. Or on the same device in this case. I pictured two friends in the tube, playing together, and meta-playing together. Playing, because playing by the rules: "I shoot your turnip, you shoot mine". Meta-playing, because bugging and poking each other to win. Quick, silly, and fun. Like all brief mindless things, it is always forgetable, yet still a close experience. Dodgelings will soon be published on Android and iOS.

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Gotta try this game. It's crazy Awesome!!!

It's a fantastic game, wonderful 

thank you! Good for kids and drunk adults. XD